Together, partners from six European countries with the aim of encouraging young people to actively participate in shaping the future of the EUROPEAN UNION, revisiting the violent past of wars in Europe, discussing what the recent rise of Nationalist movements means for European Society, and the importance of preserving the fundamental values on which the EU is based for the future of Europe.
Event #6 Librazhd, Albania – Forum “Between memory and denial” [10/01/2023 and 13/01/2023]

Event #6 Librazhd, Albania – Forum “Between memory and denial” [10/01/2023 and 13/01/2023]

The Forum “Between Memory and Denial” was held in Librazhd, Albania, between 10/01/2023 to 13/01/2023.

The event brought together 129 participants, including 110 citizens of Librazdh (Albania), 4 citizens of the city of Starachowice (Poland), 4 citizens of the city of Setubal (Portugal), 5 citizens of the city of Pollina (Italy), 2 citizens from the city of Miercurea-Ciuc (Romania), and 4 participants representing the city of Haybe (France).

The sixth and final event was the “Walls in the Mind ” closing conference. During its development, a workshop and a debate were organized under the thematic “Memories of the Wall and the Future of Europe”.

Participants took part in cultural visits and participated in commemoration with traditional dances and music. Discussions and exchanges between participants and relevant stakeholders took place during the event on the topic of “The significance of EU accession for candidate countries, and specifically for the Balkan countries”.

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