Together, partners from six European countries with the aim of encouraging young people to actively participate in shaping the future of the EUROPEAN UNION, revisiting the violent past of wars in Europe, discussing what the recent rise of Nationalist movements means for European Society, and the importance of preserving the fundamental values on which the EU is based for the future of Europe.

COMMUNE DE HAYBES, FRANCE (Project Coordinator)

Haybes is a French commune, located in the Ardennes department in the Grand Est region.

Haybes is also called Haybes-sur-Meuse, Haybes-la-Rose, Haybes-les-Ardoisières, and most often Haybes-la-Jolie, because of the slate roofs, the extraction of which made, as well as its neighbouring commune Fumay, the reputation of the town. The town was martyred and destroyed at the very beginning of the First World War and was completely rebuilt in the 1920s.

The commune of Haybes, located 35 km north of Charleville-Mézières, developed on the right bank of the Meuse. The town’s housing stretches lengthwise along the river from its border with the commune of Fumay to the place called Moraypré and is supported by the foothills of the schistose massif along the rue de Madame-de-Cormont, from which suburban areas are built.